D&D conversion

The D&D conversion for True20 is a collection of homebrew rules written to allow narrators to run D&D style games and adventures using True20. They are designed to be used together with the main True20 rulebook (first printing or revised) and True20 Bestiary. They cover conversion for creatures, characters and magic items, and encounters with appropriate challenge rating.

This conversion allows to play any published D20 3ed adventure or campaign for levels from 1 to 20 taking place in the D&D metasetting, with the classic magic items and spells. Out of combat spells are presented as rituals, which can be learned by any adept without the need to expend any feat slots.

Also included are simplified Grapple rules, an optional damage variant using static Toughnes, and a simplified monster creation system.

True20 d20 Emulation (zip file)

True20 D&D conversion v2.1 (zip file)

A conversion of the Prisoner of the Castle Perilous adventure, available freely on Wizards website. It is an 18 level adventure.

Conversion of Prisoner of the Castle Perilous adventure (zip file)

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