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True20 Ship Combat

Authors Author name(s) True20Chick, Erica, Ian, Father of Dragons, ValhallaGH, Kuni, Baduin, no thanks to Jonrog1
Cover artist none
Published by Scratch Factory
Format 11 pages, softcover
a 250 page PDF (1.03 MB download)
ISBN none

This document explains how to run ship-to-ship combat in True20. First we explain how to describe the characteristics of both a ship and its crew. Then we get into maneuvering and position. Then come the big guns: cannonfire and its effects. There’s some discussion on sinking, ramming and assorted things that can happen during naval combat. And finally we have a set of examples drawn from the legendary DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND campaign setting — the sorts of ships that are found amongst the Islands, the sorts of crew members, how to roll your own ships and some actual ships (pirates and others) that PCs might run into (or afoul of) in the course of their adventures.

Available as a FREE PDF, put together mostly by the good folks at the True20 forums, and published by Scratch Factory.


True20 Ship Combat pdf

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