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Official Campaigns

True20 Worlds of Adventure

Caliphate Nights

Tales of the Caliphate Nights

Lux Aeternum

Lux Aeternum: Expanded Setting Guide

Mecha vs. Kaiju

Borrowed Time

Agents of Oblivian

Blood Throne

The Blood Throne: The Survivor's Guide to the Age of Blood
Blight Elves: Architects of Despair (Blood Throne)
Blighted Bestiary (Blood Throne)

Land of Crane

Land of the Crane Campaign Setting


The Nevermore Gazetteer (Free)
Lands of Nevermore: The Heartlands
Lands of Nevermore: The Wyrd
Lands of Nevermore: The Dreadlands
Lands of Nevermore: The Hedge
Lands of Nevermore: The Eye
The World of Nevermore (Combines all of the above Nevermore products plus Big Trouble in Little Oaktown)

The Razor in the Apple

True20 Wild West

Interface Zero


Darwin's World (True20): Survivor's Handbook
Roma Imperious True20
Mecha vs. Kaiju Campaign Setting
Reign of Discordia
Colonial Gothic (True20 version)

Homebrew Campaigns


Suwarnabumi is set in an Asian-influenced world of martial arts and supernatural powers. A mythical world steeped in ancient traditions where humankind lives alongside spirits, demons, and supernatural creatures.


True20 Freeport Companion

Damnation Decade (Has True20 adaptation appendix)

Legends of Excalibur: Arthurian Adventures (True20)


Rule Books


True20 Adventure Roleplaying
True20 Adventure Roleplaying Revised Edition
True20 Bestiary
True20 Pocket Player's Guide
True20 Quick Start Rules (Free)
True20 Errata & Clarifications (Free)
True20 Damage and Recovery Clarifications (Free))


True20 Expert's Handbook
True20 Adept's Handbook
True20 Warrior's Handbook
True20 Fantasy Paths
True Sorcery (Has True20 adaptation appendix)
True Sorcery Clarifications and Errata (Free)
Liber Artefactorum
True20 Cybernetics
Blood and Fists: Modern Martial Arts (True20 Edition)

Character Sheets

Narrator Aids

True20 Companion: A Sourcebook For True20 Adventure Roleplaying
Technothrillers: A True20 Espionage Toolkit
True20 Vehicles
Gearcraft: Amazing Machines and Their Construction: The True20 Steampunk Sourcebook
True20 Campaign Planner
True20 Narrator's Kit

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