True20 Freeport Companion

Freeport Companion

True20 Freeport Companion

True20 Freeport Companion

Authors Steve Kenson, Robert J. Schwalb, Keith Baker and Graeme Davis
Cover artist Wayne Reynolds, Hal Mangold and Marc Schmalz
Published by Green Ronin
Format 129 pages, softcover
a 128 page PDF (9.36 MB file)
ISBN 1932442731

“It doesn’t matter who you are, Freeport welcomes all. From fanatics to addicts, from streetwalkers to decadent nobles, everyone can find a home in this den of pirates, this city of excess. Freeport may be a haven for exiles and unwanted, but truly, it is far more than that. It is my city, my city of adventure, and like a good mistress, I can’t imagine my life without her.”
—Pious Pete, Guide and Famous Personage

The True20 Freeport Companion features rules for playing orcs hobgoblin and goblin characters, details for the True20 backgrounds and many paths for the three core roles, such as cultists, assassins and pirates. Also included are expanded rules for skills and feats, rules for madness and corruption, expanded equipment tables, and over 78 characters stated out.

Fury in Freeport, a new adventure included, as well.

To many, Freeport is a wretched excuse for a city, clinging like a tumor on the edge of a remote island in some forlorn sea far from the routes of civilized men, but you, bold hero, hardened buccaneer, courageous adventurer, know better. Freeport may have its warts, its thugs, its pirates, serpent people, cultists, and don’t forget the monsters, but it is also a city of opportunity, of grand adventure, the start and end of countless quests and escapades. The smell might be offensive, but it’s the scent of riches, of fame and glory. Freeport, for you, is your best chance at making something of yourself in a world gone mad. As you navigate the narrow streets walked by many others before you, take heart in knowing you are different, you have a destiny for greatness, for its everywhere around you, just ripe for the taking. This, friend, is Freeport: The City of Adventure.

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